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Search engine marketing or SEM Empty Search engine marketing or SEM

الجمعة يونيو 18, 2021 12:24 am
Online marketing, in a simple definition, is communicating with customers through online tools. In general, online marketing pursues the same goals as more traditional forms of marketing: increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and finding new customers.
Contrary to popular belief, digital marketing is a different and broader concept than online marketing; And digital marketing campaigns do not necessarily fall into this category. Digital marketing can be done online or offline. In fact, only those digital marketing activities that take place on the Internet are in the realm of Internet or online marketing.
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Online marketing or internet marketing or online advertising all represent a concept. Targeted Website VisitorsCost reduction, flexibility, the ability to measure and analyze data accurately, more control, the ability to communicate more effectively, and… are the benefits of this form of marketing.
What is online marketing? - a general review.
Online marketing is actually a set of tools and methods to promote a product (Promote) on the Internet. Tools like Keyword-Planner earlier than planned when it will need to research tools like Google Analytics ( Google Analytics ) to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of campaigns you need it.
In this post you read:
- What is online marketing?
- Online marketing and seven main sub-categories

Online marketing includes the following 7 basic sub-categories:
1) SEO or search engine optimization
2) Search Engine Marketing or SEM
3) Content marketing
4) Social media marketing
5) Click advertising or PPC
6) Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Marketing
7) Email marketing or email marketing
In order to know what online marketing is, we must first know its sub-branches; Of these, SEO is probably the most well-known name among all internet marketing channels. SEO means optimizing content to improve its ranking in search results (Google) for a particular keyword.
Search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine optimization
SEO is the most powerful online marketing channel. Think about how convincing and rewarding it can be to be on the first page of Google search results, and beyond, to rank first for our business related keywords. Is there really an online business that does not follow such a situation?
Recent Forrester research shows that 71% of online experiences start with search engines . As you can guess, Google is the most widely used search engine, accounting for 74% of the market share. The majority of people, about 85%, believe the search results are correct.
Just add these to the fact that "the top 5 results on Google account for 67% of clicks" to fully understand the importance of SEO in online marketing.
Search engines use very sophisticated algorithms to rank web pages in search results. Although there are at least 200 important factors in improving Google rankings, backlinks, keyword repetition frequency and frequency, internal structure and links, optimization of titles and meta descriptions, and appropriate loading speed, along with generating valuable content, are superior to others. Items have priority and are more effective.
In general, SEO is divided into two parts: On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.
Let's not forget that the main purpose of search engines is to show the most accurate content to users who search for answers to their questions on the Internet or are researching to buy specific products. So when producing and optimizing content, always prioritize your audience, do not sacrifice its value and readability to SEO techniques.
Search engine marketing or SEM
Search engine marketing or SEM is the paid version of SEO ; In which marketers try to increase inbound traffic and speed up lead generation processes by purchasing the top positions of search results for a particular keyword and advertising in it .
When researching search engine marketing, you will come across the name Google AdWords . AdWords is Google's advertising service (and the most widely used SEM tool) known to most of us as "Google Advertising". In this form of advertising, Google allows you to pay per click to display your website in search results for a particular keyword.
Of course, using this tool is not so fast and simple and has its own mechanisms; Your ad may even have a lower budget, more visibility, and a much higher return on your competitor for the same keyword. Proper campaign definition, proper budget allocation, landing page design are suitable for this type of advertising and. Factors that affect its efficiency and effectiveness.
However, Google ads are ads that appear in search results, and, like organic search results, their title and content should be related to the keywords and search terms.
The first and second ranks of Google organic search traffic results account for about 50% of all clicks. Therefore, if you are in these positions with the right management, the incoming traffic to your website will definitely increase. Of course, you have to pay for each click and entry.

Copywriter Copywriting
What is copywriting? Let's agree right from the start that copywriter is not the same as content producer, nor is copywriting equal to writing or even good writing! Someone who writes well and has a strong pen is a writer; A copywriter is someone who knows advertising, sales and marketing and with a good understanding of the audience and the product, can significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising and digital marketing activities ( PPC campaigns , banner ads, landing page and landing pages) Give.

Many people use copywriting and content marketing or content marketing instead. While these two concepts are separate and simultaneously follow the content strategy. Understanding this difference will lead to a correct understanding of both of these concepts.

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1- What is copywriting?
Many people think of Copywriting as a copyright concept at first glance .

Copywriting is the art and knowledge of content production for business advertising elements. Write the text of brochures, billboards, cards and promotional gifts, emails and و. Everyone and everyone finds meaning in this area.

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