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What is the conversion rate and how is it optimized? Empty What is the conversion rate and how is it optimized?

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Imagine owning a store website; You spend a lot of money to get it up and running, and your site gets a lot of traffic. But the important thing is that not a single sale will be registered on your website! This is one of the worst problems that can affect online businesses.

It does not matter if your website is a store or an educational one, even on a larger scale it does not matter if you have an online business or a small shop next to the market. In all cases, there is an important issue in your business called "conversion rate". This is what determines how successful you have been in achieving your goals and how much you have been able to achieve the desired financial and non-financial gain.

If you are not familiar with the concept of conversion rate, optimization methods and other important points, be sure to read this article. Rest assured that the least you can do to read this article is a few percent more profit in the business.

What is the Conversion Rate?
The concept of conversion Every website and business have one or more different goals. For example, your main purpose of your store is for the customer to buy a product after entering it. The main purpose of Digi Kala site is exactly the same product sales. Also, some websites, such as " Targeted Website Visitors", which provides website design services and online stores, have another important purpose in addition to selling the product: receiving contact information to create a more intimate relationship and product marketing.
Conversion rate refers to the number of people who reach your goal from the total audience of your website or business.
For example, if out of 1000 people who visit your website, 100 of them buy the product or products you want, your site conversion rate is 10%. Or in another example: if out of 5,000 people who visit the portal site every month; 500 people should provide their contact numbers to this website to receive manuals, get more information, get advice, etc. The conversion rate of the portal is 10%.
So far we know what the conversion rate is; But now there is a more important question:
What is conversion rate optimization?

CRO or conversion rate optimization refers to various tasks and activities that increase the site conversion rate. For example, if we are currently creating a button in the New Site menu that says "Content Production Training" and the presence of this button will cause more people to buy our site content production course, we have taken a step towards optimizing the conversion rate.
Basically, all the talk we've had so far, and of course all the talk we want to make in the rest of this article, is just to be able to increase our business conversion rate.
In general, in the CRO process in the web world, we try to change everything on the website so that eventually more audiences do the activity we want. The work we do to optimize the conversion rate is from improving the appearance of the site to performance and even editing the text and so on. OK; Before I get to the rest of the sections and talk more about how to CRO, let me remind you of an important point.
The illusion of conversion rate optimization
Before I got the honorable job of content writing, I worked in the field of site design. In one of the projects I was working on last year, an employer accidentally read an article on conversion rate optimization, and based on that article, he thought he could give expert opinions about the website section. These comments changed everything from the look of the website to how the audience registered and even bought Here.
For example: the employer said that from now on, design the registration of the website in such a way that the recipient has to give us his contact number in addition to his name and surname in order to register. In this way, we no longer have to bother to get general communication channels again.
Given that this website was an online game console accessories store, what do you think the audience needed to register on the site? Or was he willing to spend all his time giving us such information if he wanted to register for any reason?
I do not hurt your head; Today, as I was writing this article, I remembered that dear employer and went to his website. After realizing that this dear friend has generally given up on the path and left the website to himself, I decided to remind you of these points and the results of the conversion rate so that you do not suffer his fate. :
Optimization is not the conversion rate of speculations that have no statistics behind them.
In no case do the wishes and opinions of the webmaster and the employer take precedence over the views of the site audience.
If you have not worked on optimizing your website conversion rate; Increasing its visitors has no particular feedback for you. So the first step is CRO.
If we want to look at the issue from a more general point of view, all these optimizations and efforts are to increase sales and customers. In the " Internet Sales Training " course, you will learn all the ways and wells of selling through the Internet to attract and sell customers from all possible channels. Be sure to watch the video below to hear the benefits of this course from your teacher:

Why should you take conversion rate optimization seriously?
Many readers of the article may well understand the importance of conversion rate and optimization on the site by reading the above story. But surely there are loved ones who still doubt whether I should take the time to do so. In this regard, I would like to remind you more about the importance of the conversion rate than before:
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1 - There is always room for improvement
No matter how well-designed your website is or how many percent of your visitors are becoming customers, you need to keep in mind that there is always room for improvement. So if the situation is right, do not be proud of the current state of your website, and if not, think about changing the bad condition of your website as soon as possible.
There is always room for improvement in your business
2 - Money advertising is very expensive and its atmosphere is highly competitive
Instead of focusing on optimizing their site conversion rate, many people try to increase their profits by increasing their visitors through SEO, advertising, and so on. While the CRO helps you make the most of the current number of hits at the lowest cost. I think it would be more enjoyable to make more profit with less technical work and less cost than spending a lot of money on cross-sectional feedback.
3 - CRO reduces customer acquisition costs
Imagine you spend 20 million tomans annually for advertising your site and you earn 10 million tomans net profit. Now, if your website is optimized in terms of conversion rate, this 10 million advertising profit will grow exponentially. This means reducing customer acquisition and advertising costs at the lowest possible cost.
4 - Now you have more money to spend to attract the audience
Consider this hypothetical scenario:
You own a software business. Before doing CRO for your website, you could persuade 5% of people to register, which meant a monthly income of 50,000 tomans per person. In this way, you would get 50 new customers per 1000 visitors per month, and you would earn 2 million and 500 thousand tomans from these 50 people. Now suppose you optimize the conversion rate and increase this rate from 5% to 7.5%. With this conversion rate, every 1000 visitors will mean 75 new customers and a monthly sale of 3 million and 750 thousand tomans.

Do you see the effect of conversion rate optimization? In fact, you did not change anything in your business, you did not launch a new product, you did not lower your price, but after making your sales funnel more efficient, your sales are 1 million and 250 One thousand tomans increased. This way, your sales funnel is now more efficient, and you will earn more money as a result. Also, with the help of this new income, you can do more advertising and make more profit again. In essence, you are entering a constant cycle of success and profit.
A Case Study of Conversion Rates: Obama's 2008 Campaign
Obama Campaign
Obama 's 2008 campaign is a common example of conversion rate optimization that I want to explain in this article:
Dan Siroker, founder and CEO of Optimizely, was the director of analytics during the Obama campaign. He suggested that different combinations of headlines and images / videos should be tested to determine which one has the greatest impact on attracting people to subscribe to the presidential newsletter. The campaign team knew that a high percentage of people who would sign up would eventually support the campaign financially, but the problem was that as many people as possible should be encouraged to sign up for the email newsletter.
Finally, Dan Siroker team produced 24 different combinations and versions for the page buttons , three different images and three different videos .
What was the result of optimizing the Obama campaign?
After testing the versions on 310,382 people, each of whom had seen approximately 13,000 copies, the version with the image of the Obama family and the "Learn More" action button led to a conversion rate of 11.6. % Had the most successful performance. After using this version in the main campaign , the previous conversion rate, which was 8.26%, increased by 40.6%.
But more effective than raising the campaign conversion rate was the fact that the new version eventually resulted in 2,880,000 more registrations, 2,880,000 more volunteers, and $ 60 million more in campaigning for Obama. Interestingly, most of the people on the team thought that videos would have the most impact on people subscribing to the newsletter.
Did you pay attention? Here, before the ad campaign runs with a series of preset images or videos, the ad team once tested it to see which conversion rate is higher. In essence, this is an A / B test , an integral part of conversion rate optimization campaigns.

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5. What exactly is an A / B test?
6. What exactly is an A / B test?
Well, we have already talked in detail about A / B testing in an article. However, it is not bad to look at it in this article as well:
A / B testing means getting two different versions of a web page (or landing page ) and sending the same traffic to each one on a trial basis. Then, measure the number of conversions per version and select the more successful version based on the higher conversion rate. Once the winning version is determined, you will convert your current page to that page so that other users can see it from now on and have a higher conversion rate.

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Note : The A / B test is different from the Before and After test . In the pre- and post-test, you measure the conversion rate of a website to have a benchmark for measuring subsequent changes. You then create a new version to see if it reduces the conversion rate. The problem with pre- and post-test is that it does not have a scientific approach to measuring results. For example, this week's conversion rate is different from the following week, so you can not tell if the change in conversion rate was due to the new version or due to the higher or lower quality of that week's traffic.

Question: Is experimentation really necessary or can it be used to test others?
When it comes to conversion rate optimization, many people talk about running experiments, but ultimately very few get into the action. Those who do not actually experiment usually copy the experiments performed on other websites. However, this imitation also has its problems.

First, if you are simply copying what others have done, it is not clear whether this copying has the same effect on you. Just because the green color of the CTA button changes to red has resulted in a 21% increase in conversion rate for the Performable company does not mean that the same thing will happen to you.
For example, red may complement the look of their website, or it may indicate a positive concept for the type of audience they have, but who knows that will be the case for you? nobody! You will never know the answer to this question unless you experiment.

Second, you can not always rely on the success that other sites claim. Many people talk about the success of conversion rate optimization, but you do not know if they were really tested in a valid way and the success was due to the new version or other factors.

A quick conclusion
Before we move on to the rest of the article, let's have a conclusion and review the important issues: so far we have understood what the conversion rate is, what the conversion rate optimization is and what is important. We also realized that there are really no fixed solutions to optimize the conversion rate; Instead, every website and business should experiment with their own circumstances to find out which page and details have more conversions. Well, here are some important questions you may have in mind and then move on to the rest of the article.
How to test?
There are several different ways to test different pages of our website and find out which one has the highest conversion rate. First, you can do this with email marketing .
In this method, you create 2 or more pages of your desired page. This page can be a product sales sheet, training course, service or even a training article to receive users' emails. Each page is different in detail from the other page. For example, one has larger buttons, different colors, different text, etc. than the other.
Now you have to test the pages. Here's how it works: If your website's email list contains 10,000 people, you separate 500 people's emails. Then you send the first page ad to the first 250 people and the second page ad to the second 250 people. After a few days, you will see which page has the highest conversion rate and then send the ad to the next 9,500 people.
Tip 1 : In A / B TEST everything should be the same as possible. That is, the shape and text of the email sent, the speed of the pages, the domain under test, etc. should be selected exactly the same so that other factors do not affect the conversion rate.

Tip 2 : Instead of sending emails, you can use other solutions such as advertising on social networks, sites, etc., but certainly in this case, due to the different audiences of each page or site, the test does not have a very accurate result.

Are A / B tests only for site pages?
a / b testI said at the beginning of the article that the conversion rate is not something that can be limited to just the site. These tests can be used anywhere. For example, one of the most widely used types of A / B TEST is email marketing testing.

In this test, before sending an email to persuade the audience to buy or enter the site, etc., the business performed a test with several email pages that have different images, titles, buttons, etc., and finally the selected page. Sends to the rest of its audience.

How often should we test?
An important question: How often should we experiment to review and optimize the site conversion rate? Well, as I said a little above, we are never going to get the best conversion rate on the site. This means that there is always room for improvement. For example, we are still reviewing and testing on the new site with more than 10 years of experience, and we will probably do so until the Day of Judgment.
Of course, when you go to the CRO a few times and see its feedback, you will probably get addicted like us Smile
How much improvement should you expect from the test?
In answer to the above question: You should not always expect extraordinary and extraordinary recovery. Many blog posts talk about a 100% increase in conversion rates. Although you may get the same results from time to time, do not always expect great success.
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However, the exact rate is determined by the current status of your website. For example, considering that we have tried to optimize the conversion rate many times in Novin, we do not expect to reach strange rates after each test. But most novice websites, given the big problems they have, are likely to see a relatively large increase in their conversion rate after a few CRO processes.
What is the purpose of the tests?
Finally, your main goal should be to increase your conversion rate. But it does depend on what you do. For example, if your goal is to increase free registrations, you should evaluate your tests based on this. If the goal is to increase sales in an online store, you should measure your conversion goal and tests based on the amount of sales increase.

If the goal of your website is to increase the number of free registrations and ultimately increase the number of registrations with a subscription fee, you should evaluate your test results based on this goal, not on clicks on the registration page or other unrelated criteria!
If you can't figure out your true purpose for conversion rate optimization, you will end up weighing small conversions that will not always improve your website's original conversion rate. For example, you might measure the number of people who go to the registration form from the home page of the website. After doing a test, you will find that 10% more people from this page go to the registration form, so you decide to make this change on your website.
But what you do not know is that although this change has increased the click-through rate on the registration form by 10%, it has reduced the number of registrations by 5%. For this reason, you should always evaluate the test result with your main goal. While improvements in small conversion areas (such as increasing user transitions from the main page to the registration page) are a good achievement, your ultimate goal is not to do an experiment, but to increase the number of your definitive registrations and the number of subscription sales.
This is a common mistake. One version may increase the click-through rate of the registration page by 2%, but other versions do not increase the click-through rate of the registration form but increase the final registrations by up to 8%. In another scenario, both versions may result in the same increase in click-through rate, but the new version will encourage more people to sign up or place an order. You will never know which version actually performs better by measuring each test based on your original purpose.
Factors influencing the conversion rate
Factors influencing the conversion rate In this section, we will examine the factors that play an important role in optimizing the conversion rate of your website:
Call To Action: Ask yourself if the call to action on your website is clear and easily accessible to visitors? Calling for action is not a strange thing. This is the button you see in most campaigns, ads and web pages. Buttons clickable and inside text persuasive to click a written like: "Click Now" , "Buy It Now" , "Right now I teach ", "Free sign up" , "same Book now " and .... Here are some examples of action call buttons on the Persian web:
An example of an action call button on website to turn a user into a subscriber

Example of a call to action button on the Negin Khodro website to convert a user to a newsletter member.

Graphic Appearance (UI) : Is the visual and graphic content of your website relevant, unique and engaging and in the right place? Or is the amount of visual content too much and more annoying than appealing?
User Experience: (UX) Consider your website. Can visitors easily find what they want on your website? If you are selling online, is it easy for them to go through the shopping process? For the conversions you measure, how many times does each visitor click or how many pages do they pass? Is your website suitable for mobile use? Design your website so that navigation, search, registration, contact information and payment are easily accessible to visitors.
Building trust: Do blockers on your website feel secure? Can they trust your website as a reputable site and even pay you?
Content : An important part of conversion rate optimization is related to the content of your website. From the text of product pages and articles to educational videos, pictures and ...
Social verification : In your opinion, when a user wants to make a purchase on your site or provide you with an email at all; Is it able to trust you? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?
Well, before we get to the end of the article, let's take another look at the factors that affect the site conversion rate:

Suggested Value: In the customer's mind, what are the benefits of working with you? These benefits and costs make up your value proposition.
Relevance: How close is your website content to what your audience expects? To what extent does your value proposition match the needs of your audience?
Clarity: How clearly is your value proposition, core message, and call to action?
Trust: Are there (or do not) factors in your website that cause the audience to lose trust?
Note: What is the first thing you see on your pages? You know that a multi-pixel image with small text at the bottom can not attract the attention of the audience.
Necessity: Why should your audience take special action at this time? What suggestions, motivations, words and methods make them take the action you want as soon as possible? For example, a discount code, a timely offer, etc.
What happened in this article ...
Well, we finally got to the end of the conversion rate article. In this article, we first got to know what conversion rate is, then we understood what conversion rate optimization is and why we should pay attention to it. Then, in a case study, we found out how testing A / B in the CRO helps us, as well as answering some important questions about this test. Finally, we looked at the factors influencing the conversion rate.
I do not know if this is good news or not, but this article is just part of the tutorials on how to optimize your conversion rate. We are going to provide you with more free and additional training in the future.
By the way, if you have a comment or suggestion, express it in the comments section of the article so that we can use them in the next tutorials. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. With luck.

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